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Woman sitting with phone smiling. She is search for inspiration and purpose.

Blue Lotus Living is Intentional Living

Rise and Create On Purpose

Blue Lotus Living is a life design framework, publication, and community specifically developed for artists, creatives, writers, and makers.

We offer personal development tools and life management strategies to support your goals in a way that fosters your well-being while boosting your productivity and enhancing your creativity.

As a life design framework, Blue Lotus Living demonstrates how you can create a life that prioritizes your well-being, personal growth, and spiritual growth through intentional living. And when you choose intentional living, you must create an intentional life design.

We are committed to sharing insight, knowledge, and wisdom that will keep you motivated and inspired.

You have the creative power to design the life you’ve dreamed about. You have the power to ignite the creative genius within and live on purpose.

Furthermore, along with elements of personal growth, mindfulness, creative productivity, and true self-empowerment life strategies, Blue Lotus Living implements these six lifestyle features in its intentional living model…

A Body-Mind-Spirit-Connection

A beautiful mind, an intuned spirit, and a vital healthy body–the body-mind-spirit connection is one of the key elements for living and creating a fulfilled life on purpose. The body-mind-spirit connection helps you tap into fields of energy which makes being present and productive a continual flow.

The Soft Life, Slow Living, and Radical Self-Care

Real self-care won’t be found in Sephora or your favorite botanical shop. You must slow down, refill your cup first, and then you can only give from the overflow. Slowing down and honoring your well-being may go by many names but it is essential to your personal and spiritual growth.

Raw and Living Food

Life begets life. Adding more raw and living foods to your diet energizes, hydrates, and restores the body. Oftentimes, diet is excluded from our lifestyle. However, what you put in your body every day is a crucial component of intentional lifestyle design.

Creative Empowerment

We believe there is a creative genius inside everyone. With a broader definition of creativity which includes ideation, innovation, and problem-solving, you will realize creativity isn’t limited to artistic expression. And when empowered, your creative genius will rise in you.


The ability to bounce back from adversity, failure, and loss denotes a strong spirit. The diamond doesn’t become a diamond without pressure. Learning how to recover from a setback is always a setup for success.


To Know Thyself is also to know thy value. Self-Appreciation on our personal and spiritual growth journey magnifies our success. To appreciate something means to “increase in value.” Know your worth whether in business, relationships, or your own esteem. If it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t deserve you.

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