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About Blue Lotus Living

Blue Lotus Living is an inspirational lifestyle publication and community for creative minds who want to live a fulfilling, rich, and happy life that prioritizes their well-being, feeds their creativity, and expands their consciousness.

We share personal stories, pearls of wisdom, strategies, and life lessons to demonstrate the power of intentional lifestyle design. Yes, Blue Lotus Living is built on the philosophy that the same creativity you utilize to create works of art, literature, inventions, and business ideas is the same creativity you can use to create the life you want to live.

Our Founders are Storytellers

Our founders, Roslyn J. and Carmellita are both storytellers and writers. After years of research in the fields of self-development and creativity enhancement, both women begin to see and experience specific themes that play out in the lives of happy, fulfilled creators, writers, artists, and makers.

That theme is the premise of their life stories. What was similar was, that those who lived fulfilled, rich, happy lives had some things in common:

☑️They are the authors of their life stories.

☑️They prioritize their well-being

☑️They are healthy and fit.

☑️They live authentically and don’t succumb to societal pressures.

☑️They lived on purpose and with intention.

☑️ They do the deep work.

☑️They practice conscious creativity and seek ways to enhance their gifts, talents, and skills. Yes, continuously learning.

☑️They choose happiness, gratitude, and abundance, and if they need professional help to get there, they get help.

☑️They believe in good; therefore, they live in beauty.

With this in heart and mind, we share stories and articles with you from life experiences, research, and a treasure chest of gems and pearls gained through failures and successes. Each story and theme is designed to demonstrate the power you have to live well, live wise, and live wealthy.

We don’t have to go it alone. Let’s support one another in our greatness. When you know you have others on this path of authentic self-growth and consciousness with you, it makes the journey even more satisfying.

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