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How an Abundance Mindset Vs. a Poverty Mindset Affects Your Creative Journey

Abundance vs. poverty
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Have you ever wondered what’s been holding you back along your creative journey?  Have you ever felt stuck or limited?  Do you find that halfway through your creative projects you don’t know how to move forward? 

Have money concerns caused you to pause your creative ventures? What if all of the starting, stopping, and starting again is the result of your mindset? Do you have an abundance mindset or a poverty mindset?

A Guide Exploring Your Mindset On Your Creative Journey

To answer these pertinent questions on your creative journey, you must understand how your mindset affects your decisions, focus, and vision for your profession and life.

Much of our study at Blue Lotus Living involves mindset, empowerment, and creativity.  Why?  Because mindset, empowerment, and creativity affect how you see the world and your life in it.  Are you proactive, confident, focused, happy, well?

Just as vital, are you experiencing fulfillment? Are you inspired to create the life you want to live?

Abundance vs. Poverty

Correspondingly, the mindset you develop on your creative journey can determine a path of fulfillment or a path of frustration. And those paths are charged by an abundance mindset or a poverty mindset.

And you must be clear about it because the choice between a poverty mindset and an abundance mindset can impact your ability to manifest your dreams and reach your full creative potential.

Certainly, the paths are evident. if you adopt a poverty mindset, you believe there is not enough to go around. You may hoard resources. You may feel like you have to compete with others to have the success you deserve.

However, if you adopt an abundance mindset, you believe there is plenty for everyone. You are more likely to be collaborative and innovative while recognizing that there is enough to share.

Having a poverty mindset can hurt your creativity. It makes it very easy for you to fall victim to defeatism. This mindset can hinder your ability to generate new ideas and see the potential in new opportunities.

On the other hand, embracing an abundance mindset can positively evolve your creativity. With this mindset, you are open to new ideas and see the potential in various opportunities. 

Your openness and belief in abundance can fuel your creativity and help you see the resources and opportunities around you.

The mindset you choose shapes your creative journey

Ultimately, the mindset you choose to adopt and nurture on your creative journey can shape your self-expression. While developing an abundance mindset, it feels natural and safe to explore your creativity.

Wherefore, since these two modes of creating–with an abundance mindset or a poverty mindset–can affect your creative journey–we need to explore them both.

So, in this guide, let’s travel two paths and explore the psychological differences between a poverty mindset and an abundance mindset as an artist, writer, creator, or maker.

The Poverty Mindset – Barriers to Success and Abundance

Thus, as a child, I grew up in a small town right outside a place called “Poverty Point” in Louisiana. Now, don’t think the green sign along the highway was directing attention to an area of scarcity and lack. No.

Poverty Point had plush fields of trees, grass, and flowers. The bayou there was a resource for nature and the wildlife it nourished. It was even called Sportsman’s Paradise.

Well, why was it called Poverty Point? It was called Poverty Point because it was a “stopping” point for drivers.

Yes, poverty means to “stop, halt.”  Abundance means, “continual flow.”  Poverty doesn’t allow you to move forward and it is the barrier to success and abundance.  In other words, a poverty mindset is the very opposite of an abundance mindset.

For this reason, you may feel trapped when you develop a poverty mindset.  You believe that there is never enough.  You may also believe that you are limited in your abilities.  

Moreover, at times, you may think you will never achieve your goals.  It may seem that as you take two steps forward you’re knocked ten steps back.

These feelings and thoughts are all a part of the poverty mindset. 

But what’s worst of all, this mindset can lead to a lack of creativity and innovation.  And that lack happens when you are too focused on your perceived lack of money, resources, tools, and opportunities.

Limiting Beliefs

First, let’s take a look at limiting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs is a harsh symptom of a poverty mindset.  Since a poverty mindset can hold you back from exploring your creative abilities you will find it difficult to fully understand the capability of your skills, gifts, and talents. 

I’ve seen it and experienced it many times. Your limiting beliefs block your vision and you can’t see the genius within you. You can’t see where you’ve grown. And you most certainly can’t see the resources around you because your limiting beliefs have obstructed your vision.

Consequently, when you feel held back by some “unseen force,” it becomes easy to develop limiting beliefs. Such limitations can act as psychological shackles, restricting you from fully exploring and expressing your creative potential.

When you hold these limiting beliefs, you may become trapped in a cycle of doubt and resignation. You may convince yourself that your efforts are futile or that you will never measure up to the standards set by others.

Additionally, these limiting beliefs can have a profound impact on your creativity. They can create a mental environment characterized by fear, self-doubt, and a lack of confidence in your abilities. 

Fear and Self-Doubt

Unfortunately, the poverty mindset doesn’t “stop” spreading in your life. A poverty mindset grows like a virus in a dark, dank mind filled with fear and self-doubt.  

Hence, like a virus, this mindset can infect the creative mind with fear of failure, fear of success, rejection, and the uncertain nature of your craft. This fear paralyzes your creative expression and hampers your pursuit of growth opportunities.

To this effect, for artists and creators, fear and self-doubt are your most formidable adversaries.  The fear of failure, rejection, and the uncertain nature of your craft impede your pursuit of projects, collaborations, and advancements in your work. 

Often, this fear stems from a deep-rooted belief that your work is not worthy or that you lack the necessary talent and skills to succeed.

When fear and self-doubt take hold, you may find yourself hesitant to try new techniques in your field or showcase your work to others. You become trapped in a cycle of overthinking, constantly questioning your abilities, and seeking validation from others. 

This fear-based mindset becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as your reluctance to step out of your comfort zone prevents you from honing your skills and exploring new creative horizons. 

Sadly, this can cause your artistic growth stagnates along with the potential for innovative breakthroughs. Overcoming fear and self-doubt is crucial for navigating your creative journey with confidence and resilience.

The Lesser Discussed Fear of Success

Conversely, the fear of success is lesser-discussed.  And yet it can be just as stifling to your creative success.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the fear of success can be just as paralyzing as the fear of failure, hindering your creative expression and impeding your artistic growth.

For you as an artist and creator, the fear of success often manifests as:

  •  fear of heightened visibility,
  •  fear of increased responsibilities, 
  • fear of pressure to deliver exceptional work consistently,
  • fear of expectations, and
  • fear of sustaining your achievements. 

The fear of success creates self-sabotage.  And in a self-sabotaging state, you may unconsciously hold yourself back.  You may hold yourself back to avoid the perceived burdens and challenges that come with success.

Furthermore,  the fear of success also stems from a fear of stepping into unfamiliar territory, experiencing new levels of recognition, and venturing beyond your comfort zone. The fear of losing the familiarity and security of your creative process or facing new challenges can cause you to resist new opportunities for growth and expansion.

All things considered, the fear of success hampers your creativity by causing a psychological barrier that prevents you from:

  • pushing boundaries,
  • welcoming new possibilities,
  • practicing authentic self-expression, and
  • discovering your true creative potential. 

Unhealthy Comparisons and Scarcity Mentality

And while dealing with self-doubt and limiting beliefs, a scarcity mentality is right around the corner. It is strange, but true, you will notice that where there is a scarcity mentality there is the unhealthy habit of comparing yourself to others.

Think about it. If you feel that you have a lack of oranges, you begin noticing all the people who have oranges and wonder:

“What is it about me that I don’t have as many oranges as _______________?”

Comparing yourself to others is always about scarcity and lack.

As an artist, writer, creator, or maker you may compare your work to some of your heroes, mentors, and people you look up to in your field.  You may want to learn a technique they use to improve your work.  

However, there is a line you can cross where your comparisons become unhealthy. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, it’s unhealthy.   

Unhealthy comparisons can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and even depression while becoming a scarcity mentality. 

Comparison and scarcity mentality are prevalent characteristics of a  poverty mindset that can profoundly impact your creativity and personal growth. 

When you constantly compare yourself to others, you often view the success of your peers as a threat rather than a source of inspiration. Instead of using the achievements of others as a motivator to expand your vision, you feel envious and bitter.  

Additionally, you might believe that there is a limited amount of success and recognition available. This scarcity mentality–because that’s exactly what it is–can prevent you from collaborating with others.  

And in many cases, a scarcity mentality can hinder your personal growth and development.

Abundance Mindset: Thinking, Feeling, and Being Success and Fulfillment

In stark contrast to the poverty mindset, an abundance mindset is grounded in the belief that there is plenty. There are opportunities, resources, and possibilities available. Unlike a poverty mindset, an abundance mindset can advance your creativity and lead you up the path of fulfillment.

The ample mentality

An abundance mindset is an “ample” mentality. And just how ample is it?

First, an abundance mindset can lead to greater risk-taking. When people believe that there are ample opportunities available, they are more likely to take risks and try new things. This can lead to new and innovative ideas.

Second, an abundance mindset can lead to greater collaboration. When people believe that there is enough to go around, they are more likely to work together and share ideas. This can lead to more creative solutions to problems.

Third, an abundance mindset can lead to greater perseverance. When people believe that there are ample opportunities available, they are more likely to persevere in the face of challenges. This can lead to more creative and innovative work.

Once more, overall, an abundance mindset can have a profound impact on creativity. It can lead to greater risk-taking, collaboration, and perseverance. And that’s the stuff that encourages new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Challenge lack with an abundance mindset

Specifically, when you develop an abundance mindset, it challenges a poverty mindset and those challenges can expand your creative vision and advance your personal growth. An abundance mindset is the belief that there is enough for everyone and that there is always an opportunity for growth.

As such, since I’ve adopted an abundance mindset, I’ve felt more optimistic. I believe that there is enough for everyone and that because others are succeeding it doesn’t mean I can’t succeed too.

I am also more open to new ideas, new ways of doing things,  and opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. 

And the more I am open-minded, conscientious, and extroverted in my artistic approach, the more I believe that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. 

Yes, I take risks and try new things these days. I am also more likely to help others and share my resources. I believe that we are all connected and that we can all benefit from each other’s success.

I’ve learned an abundance mindset is a powerful way of seeing your world and these very benefits can transform a poverty mindset by: 

  • Expanding Limiting Beliefs
  • Practicing Openness
  • Promoting Confidence and courage to face challenges
  • Encouraging Collaboration and Community
  • Focusing on Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Seeing and welcoming  possibilities

Expanding limiting beliefs with an abundance mindset

One of the most empowering ways to break a poverty mindset and adopt an abundance mindset is to question and reframe limiting beliefs. When you question and reframe limiting beliefs, you acknowledge that there are many opportunities available for you. You acknowledge that success is not limited to a select few. 

As you accept and adopt this empowering way to see the world, you open yourself up to new avenues of exploration and growth. A new portal of creativity and life opens up and you begin to see the world as a place of great possibilities, rather than a place of limitation and lack.

When you believe that opportunities are plentiful, you are more likely to explore the possibilities and try new things in new ways.

Yes, it’s a beautiful cycle.

In time, you become more resilient.  You become so resilient that if one opportunity doesn’t work out, you know there are always other opportunities waiting for you. This mindset allows you to pursue creative projects that stretch your imagination and expand your vision. 

Practicing Openness

Subsequently, your vision expands because you are practicing openness and openness helps you see more as an artist, writer, creator, and maker.

With an abundance mindset, you are not afraid to push the boundaries of your art, experiment with different techniques, practice authentic self-expression, and explore new artistic mediums.

Additionally, empowering beliefs can help you to try those new ideas for new projects and actually finish them! When you believe that your creativity knows no bounds, you approach your creative process with a sense of excitement and curiosity. 

You trust in your ability to create something truly original and meaningful. This belief fuels your passion and motivates you to persist even when faced with challenges or setbacks. With an abundance mindset, you understand that creativity is a limitless resource within you, and you have the confidence to fully express yourself.

As you further your abundance mindset, you will find yourself on a journey of continuous growth, discovery, and fulfillment.

Promoting Confidence and Courage to Face Challenges with an abundance mindset

Nevertheless, an abundance mindset instills the courage to take risks and welcome challenges. As an artist with an abundance mindset, you understand that failure and setbacks are opportunities for growth and learning. 

Once more, with this attitude and philosophy about your creativity, you are willing to push the boundaries of your creativity.

An abundance mindset welcomes challenges and builds resilience. You recognize that each hurdle you encounter presents a chance to discover new strengths, overcome limitations, and unlock the hidden potential within yourself. 

Too,  this mindset allows you to break free from conventional norms and traditional approaches.  You have the confidence to experiment with new techniques, styles, and ideas. 

In essence, an abundance mindset propels you forward with boldness and intentionality. 

Collaboration and Community

When artists join forces and collaborate, the creative sparks fly.  And what may have been an amazing solo project can become a masterpiece of epic proportions. The creative energy amassed is a  synergy that allows two creators to pool their talents, exchange techniques, and offer support. Together, both become greater than the sum of their parts.

If you’re an artist, I urge you to connect with other artists.  The connection and community will open the floodgates to new knowledge and growth. 

And artists who have developed an abundance mindset know that collaboration and community won’t take anything from you–it adds to your success. You know this because, with an abundance mindset, you have become proactive.  

On top of that, you eagerly share your ideas, techniques, and experiences with good discernment. As you engage in this vibrant exchange, you tap into an ever-expanding reservoir of creativity.

For every artist, sharing your artistry with the world is important.  And to grow (a result of abundant thinking), absorb the artistry of others, and watch as your life and work take on a vibrant new dimension. 

Gratitude and Appreciation

Practicing gratitude fertilizes the mind with a growth mindset and honors the good around you. Practicing gratitude is essential for nurturing an abundance mindset on your creative journey.

When you intentionally expound a sense of gratitude, you shift your focus from scarcity to abundance. By recognizing and appreciating the resources, opportunities, and achievements in your creative journey, you attract more of the same in your life and career.

As an artist, take a moment to reflect on the abundance surrounding you. Express gratitude for the materials, tools, and support systems.

Most importantly, acknowledge the opportunities you’ve been given that have enriched your creative path. As you appreciate these blessings, you shift your perspective and become receptive to the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

Embracing the possibilities of an abundance mindset

When you are drowning in fear, it can be hard to see the good things in your life. You may feel like you are surrounded by obstacles and that there is no way your dreams can be realized.

However, if you can shift your mindset to one of abundance, you will start to see that there are many opportunities available to you. 

You may realize that you have more than you thought and can achieve anything you put your mind to. When you focus on the positive, it can help you to overcome your fears and achieve your goals.

All it takes is a shift in mindset

Shifting your mindset to one of abundance is a transformative journey that can have a profound impact on your creative life. Here are some practical tips to help you make that shift and experience the world in a whole new light:

Start by noticing the good things in your life, no matter how small they may seem. Take a moment each day to reflect on the positive aspects of your creative journey and express gratitude for them. Whether it’s a supportive friend, a beautiful sunset that inspired you, or a small breakthrough in your artistic practice, acknowledging and appreciating these moments of goodness sets the stage for embracing abundance.

Practice gratitude for what you have. Make it a habit to consciously appreciate the resources, opportunities, and achievements you currently have in your creative life. By focusing on what you already have, you cultivate a mindset of abundance and attract more of it into your experience.

Focus on your strengths and abilities. Instead of dwelling on perceived limitations or comparing yourself to others, shift your attention to your unique strengths and abilities. Recognize the talents and skills that make you stand out as an artist. By nurturing and harnessing these strengths, you cultivate a sense of confidence and self-belief that propels you toward success.

Set goals for yourself and take inspired action towards them. Goal-setting helps you envision and manifest the abundant creative life you desire. Define clear objectives, both big and small, and take consistent inspired action towards them. As you progress and achieve your goals, you reinforce a belief in your ability to create the life and career you envision.

Surround yourself with positive people. Seek and surround yourself with individuals who uplift and support your creative journey. Surrounding yourself with positive influences fosters an environment of encouragement, collaboration, and growth. Their positive energy and mindset can inspire you to reach new heights and reinforce your belief in abundance.

Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Cultivate a deep-rooted belief in yourself and your creative potential. Trust that you have the skills, talent, and resilience to overcome challenges and achieve your aspirations. Embrace self-affirmations and visualize your success to reinforce your positive mindset.

By implementing these tips, you actively shift your mindset to abundance. As a result, you become more open to opportunities, more resilient in the face of challenges, and more likely to achieve your goals. Embrace this mindset shift and watch your creative journey unfold with newfound possibilities, joy, and fulfillment.