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Soul Purpose and Resonance — Are You Align with Your Life Theme?

Soul Purpose and Resonance
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“I want to be great at what I do. I want to laugh and play. And yeah, I want to be happy,” I responded.

“I’ve never heard of a happy artist or writer,” He laughed.

“Then I’ll be the first,” I smiled and twitched my nose.

He laughed. Then kissed me on the forehead. He left the room so that I could continue to work.

Soul Purpose and Resonance

Living is a soul trip. We are here to live, love, and explore as we advance in our creatorship.

But we give ourselves a vision of purpose in life. We dance with and call it our Soul’s Purpose.

Accordingly, we realize it when we see our life’s theme, particularly if we take time to contemplate and reflect on things that have happened in our lives so far.

In our quietest moments, if we pay attention, we can see specific themes play out. And those themes repeatedly play out in our work as artists, writers, creators, and makers.

Those themes let us know what we want to accomplish in life. From this theme, we will understand who will resonate with us and our work.

Hence, this resonance may manifest as friendships, marriages, and earth families, but these partnerships may also present as teams, businesses, working partnerships, and more. We can feel these connections as we expand our consciousness on our self-awareness journey.

As such, the Soul is rich with information. It remembers everything. It even remembers those things we have suppressed. And when we have specific reactions, we don’t understand. The Soul knows why.

For these reasons, meditation is essential, contemplation is vital, and affirming your life is crucial. Each can help an artist comprehend the themes of our life.

Soul Purpose: Your Life Theme Reveals the Dream

When the Soul places a dream in your heart, the theme of your life is drawing from this sacred place. Your life’s theme shows you what your dreams are.

The problem is, often, it’s hard to remember what those dreams are. We don’t remember our goals and aspirations because of continual societal pressures and influence. Often when people see talent they want to direct it, manage it, and profit from it. When you possess talent and gifts, people often try to exploit them.

As a result, we feel confused, and our minds seem disconnected from our hearts and souls. Suddenly, our egos lead us in a direction that our souls don’t want to go.

Those who practice creativity daily understand the importance of an artist’s connection to their soul, as it reveals their life theme in their art.

They are constantly drawing from it to bring beauty, truth, understanding, and consciousness to life — the stuff that makes an artist’s work inspiring and relatable.

The distinction lies in being connected with one’s soul versus being driven by one’s ego.

What the Artist Wants

When we love what we do and do what we love, the Soul is present, and unseen benevolent forces guide us in a dance of inspiration and beauty. That love, inspiration, and beauty — passion, is contagious and goes far beyond where the human ego-mind can take you.

Consequently, love and passion empower us, and we create successful work and live a successful creative life. It is all we want as artists.

With Soul Purpose in Mind, Body, and Spirit, What Will Be Our Legacy?

Our life theme is associated with our legacy in this fantastic voyage of creativity and creatorship.

Why do we ask: “What will be my legacy? “How will I be remembered? What will I be remembered for?” These questions aren’t self-centered. Honestly, any memory of you, regardless of your actions, won’t last beyond one or two generations.

The work can be remembered for centuries.

Again, after one or two generations, few people will remain who had direct contact with you. The people who could tell others the type of person you are and what your favorite meal was will be gone.

What will remain is the work you’ve completed; therefore, what will your work speak about you?