Productively Creative and Creatively Productive

Creative  Genius is in All of Us

What is Blue Lotus Living?

Blue Lotus Living, LLC is a Digital Publishing and Digital Media company established in 2003, while is an online publication.

But, the real question is:

What is Blue Lotus Living?  Well, we think Black (Afro) Futurist and Musician Sun Ra said it best:  Blue Lotus Living is  “Another dimension of another kind of living life.” 

Blue Lotus Living, in all of its endeavors, serves as a creative hub to inspire artists and creatives.  Furthermore, we are a multi-dimensional resource for empowering Artists and Creatives who are dedicated to:

  1. Expanding their Creative Bandwidth
  2. Manifesting their dreams
  3. Exploring and evolving mind, body, and soul
  4.  Living in the Abundance
  5. Living on Purpose
  6. And maximizing productive creativity and creative productivity

Yes, we take creativity and productivity to another dimension in order to empower and inspire artists and creatives beyond the mundane.  With Blue Lotus Living, we focus on two dynamics important to the success of every artist–their body of work and their life.  Because it will be the work he or she has done and the life lived that will serve as the artist’s Legacy.  To bring an impactful legacy to fruition, an artist must be empowered and inspired but also willing to be an inspiration to others.  

Accordingly, Blue Lotus Living serves as a resource to:

(1) Empower  the Unrealized Genius Within

Blue Lotus Living provides access to information and tools which empower the artist.  There is a difference between an empowered artist and a disempowered artist.  The empowered artist recognizes  and acknowledges the Genius within.  He or she makes every effort to expand their creative and mental bandwidth, use the relativity of time to extract more from life, and tap into the higher dimensions of the imagination for soul evolution. Each blog post, podcast, video and other digital content shared by Blue Lotus Living holds to the unwavering truth:  “The Evolution will be digitized.”

(2) Inspire Artist Create Their Own Success System

Blue Lotus Living provide tools, resources, and information as a framework to help each Artist and Creative develop her or his own purpose-centered Success System.  All too often,  Success Systems and their philosophies are built around marketing, sales, and finance.  The creative is left out.  The dancer who wants to build a successful career in theatre needs a different model than an insurance salesperson who wants to grow his or her team or an Account Manager.

To address this issue, Blue Lotus Living implements principles of Positive Psychology’s Flow State, Dr. Carol Dweck’s Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset, and philosophies associated with the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics.

We hope you will become a part of our FAM and share with us on this journey of Self-Love, Bliss, Creativity, Abundance, and Beauty.


As we enter this New Dimension we can boldly explore what our creativity can do.  Self-expression comes from a higher state of being and promotes the perpetuity of inspiration.


The alchemy of creativity requires we do not “waste time.”  As creators, we can awaken each day, create beauty, and manifest our dreams on purpose–all while increasing our creative bandwidth. With this in mind, we learn to be productive. Producing and being productive is a skillset.


Flow is infinite and cosmic. In the flow, we are connected to the unseen world.  Accordingly, we utilize our soul faculties (imagination, inspiration, intuition, jubilation, foresight, healing, multidimensionality, insight…) to get into the “zone” and create on purpose.

Create your Reality. You are a Universe

The Pillars of Blue Lotus Living…

Create. Produce. Flow.


Creativity happens when the imagination (image-nation, image realm) is stimulated.  The metaphysics of creativity explores the connection between imagination and reality.  Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time and illusion (play).  Imagination is tapping in to the field of infinite possibilities and returning with the elixir. And creativity is that precious elixir–an elixir which promotes the perpetuity of inspiration. Inspiration leads us to soul purpose. With soul purpose in mind, body, and spirit, we can expand our creative bandwidth, reach states of higher consciousness, and experience soul evolution.


Time, though an illusion, plays a role in creativity.  Wasting time disturbs the alchemical process of creativity and what creativity can become in our reality.  Productivity is skillsets and tools we can formulate to work with various algorithms of our world and deliberately get more done on purpose.  Working with these tools through daily actions helps us to master the cycles of time and the patterns we see in our lives. As a result of the knowledge and wisdom gained, we can make changes where changes are needed, we can manifest our dreams, we can successfully navigate our reality and create the life we want to live.


Artists are creators; therefore, our creative flow experience also aligns with Cosmic Flow–yes the trance, the zone.   In the Flow, we maximize our creative bandwidth for self-expression through a state of transcendence (trance)  which further allows us to develop our soul purpose, awaken the genius within, and progress in our soul evolution.  There are 6 systems of Cosmic Flow that helps us to expand our creative bandwidth:  the flow of health and wellness, love and devotion, knowledge and wisdom, wealth and success, peace and harmony, and service to self and others.  It is through these systems we experience abundance.

Creativity and Lifestyle publication for artists and creatives. What happens when creativity becomes a lifestyle. Rise and create on purpose

A Mission in Co-Creation

We are entering a new dimension wherein we will witness the best of training in Creatorship.  Though many of us have learned the principles of the Human Potential Movement which emerged in the ’60s, we have evolved beyond its limitations.   Now, we are gearing to display magnificence and beauty in ways only our imagination can conjure. And this display of beauty and magnificence can be referred to as the Neo-Soul Evolution.

As Living Souls, we have sat under a distorted light for a very long time.  Currently, we’ve made a mighty shift, a quantum leap to a new light, a light in which the full spectrum of the Rainbow can be seen.  Harmony has returned. Perhaps, it may not seem so because when you have been under an unnatural light for generations and within the twinkling of an eye shifted to a full spectrum natural light, it takes time for your vision to adjust.

Accordingly, our mission here at Blue Lotus Living is to help with the adjustments.  We are involving and evolving as we create.

Ultimately, your life, your art, using your creativity, gifts, and talents will become your legacy.   While you expand your creative bandwidth, you will gain the power to change worlds.

For it is when we truly know and understand how to manifest, really manifest, we can make a joyful transition into our Kingdom and Queendom, take on our role as creators, create universes, and expand All-that-is.

In other words, you are the Masterpiece.

For the Community, For the Culture

Blue Lotus Living has created community empowerment tools designed to stimulate the imagination as we create the life we want to live, express who we are, use our gifts and talents, and manifest our dreams.  Accordingly, we have developed:

  • Courses on creativity enhancement, productivity enhancement, growth mindset, abundance training, journaling, stream of consciousness writing to trigger the flow state, goal achievement, and Creative Life Design.  All courses are designed to open avenues for expanding creative bandwidth.
  • Short Read Ebooks:  Blue Lotus Living Presents…Short Read ebooks are ebooks you can read on the e-reader of your choice (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBook…) in one sitting.  Ranging from 14,000 to 16,000 words (about 50 pages in print), you can read our Short Reads in about an hour and have an enriching discussion or conversation with your friends.  Our short reads are science fiction, speculative fiction, and Black “Afro” Futuristic novellas and short stories as well as non-fiction works and essays on topics including creativity, productivity, creative activism, and lifestyle.
  • A Shop on Purpose:  Our online shop, “Purple and Purpose” has printable productivity tools, merch with a purpose for authentic self-expression such as t-shirts, mugs, pillow.., and life enrichment tools to help you stay on purpose as you accomplish your goals.
  • We are also developing a podcast to add to conversations about the New Creative Renaissance that’s emerging now.

Courses:  Expand Your Creative Bandwidth

Short Read Ebooks:  Read in an hour and Discuss with friends

Shop on Purpose: Express your Authentic Self!