Blue Lotus Living is Coming Soon

Creativity and Lifestyle publication for artists and creatives. What happens when creativity becomes a lifestyle. Rise and create on purpose

Blue Lotus Living: Creativity and Lifestyle online publication.

Blue Lotus Living is coming soon. Roslyn J. and Carmellita with the Blue Lotus Living team are developing a new and improved Blue Lotus Living. Blue Lotus Living is now a creative and lifestyle blog. The new concepts seeks to answer the question: “What happens when creativity becomes a lifestyle?”

We know we left many of you wondering what happened, why such a long hiatus? The answer is a long one. We took time to study, regroup, and redefine who and what Blue Lotus Living is. And when we returned to conscious creativity and living on purpose, we understood where we had veered away from our original intent for the online publication.

The internet is full of ideas about what makes good content, SEO, Keywords, and the “make money ideas about content for the web, and if your numbers don’t look great you can get swept away by these ideas. But on a sobering day of doing hours of keyword research, we saw things had taken a turn. Our blog, our website, our publication started to feel formulaic and mechanical.

That’s not what we wanted. So we decided to step back, study, rediscover our passion and recover our vision. We’ve done it. Now, Blue Lotus Living, the online publication has returned to the flavor in the flavor it was intended.

Let’s take this ride together.