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Blue Lotus Living Presents...short read ebooks

Books and Infinite Possibilities - Let the Story Be Told, Let the Myth Unfold

Books reveal worlds and worlds of infinite possibilities.  Books help us to discover new ideas and build upon old ones.  And now, our books are unveiling the new myth.

Because we are entering a new dimension, a New Myth is unfolding.  The new mythos can be found in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.  Before, myth was only recurrent themes in fiction stories such as fables, fairy tales, folktales, trickster tales, religious text, and well, mythology from various cultures (Ancient Egyptian, Yoruban, Ndembu, Malinke, Chinese, Roman, Babylonian, Greek, etc.).

Now myth is interwoven in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.  Recently, we've seen myth play out in creative nonfiction works ranging from Autobiographies to Travel stories to Food Blogging.  Myth is now in poetry. It seems no matter how short or long the verses and stanzas poets are telling stories in which a recurrent theme can be decoded.

And that's the power of the New Myth.  More scholars are decoding and more authors are coding.  The stories we are about to witness in 2020 and beyond will have a dynamism we have never experience.

With this in mind, Blue Lotus Living along with our new Creative Director Carmellita Brown will be releasing books and ebooks midsummer and late summer 2021 which embody stories built on the New Myth.  FAM, we are going to have a great time as we open our minds to infinite possibilities.