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Celebrate the Breakthroughs That Could Have Broken You

Your Breakthrough
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You may breakdown but you’re not broken. That heartbreak, loss, failure should have broken you, but some how you summoned the strength to bounce back. Now celebrate your breakthrough.”–Carmellita

How many times were you nearly broken and somehow, some way your focus, dedication, and tenacity paid off?

From Breakdown to Breakthrough, but not Broken

All those fumbles and failures may have made you look ridiculous to everyone else but you kept your head up and continued to push forward.

And just when you should have given up, conceded, balled up on the floor, and cried your eyes out, you crossed the threshold to victory. Where did you find the strength?

Why aren’t you celebrating your success? To celebrate is to shine a light on a thing and not hide it.

It is essential to recognize the power of your spirit and acknowledge the good works you have achieved, no matter how small.

When everyone thought you were done for, it over for you, you bounced back harder. Therefore, it is vital to take time to reflect and celebrate your hard-fought victory.

Celebrate Your Breakthrough for Hardwiring Happiness

But why celebrate? Isn’t that egotistical? I used to think so until I learned better.

My new perspective on celebrating your breakthroughs was confirmed by my writer friend, Yana Bostongirl.

In her story How this Simple Yet Powerful Method Helps Boost My Happiness, Yana, a fierce advocate for Mental Health and Well-Being, describes her 3-step process for restoring peace, happiness, and well-being referred to as Hardwiring Happiness.

Hardwiring Happiness, developed by Dr. Rick Hanson, an author, and psychologist, helps you turn moments of happiness and victory into lasting inner strengths built into your brain. These lasting inner strengths include resilience, balance, and positive emotions.

When I read her story, it was an “Aha” moment for me. “That’s it,” I thought. “This is why we should celebrate our breakthroughs.”

And when I say celebrate, I mean more than just patting yourself on the back.

Yes, I know, I know, people say “That’s bragging. Show some humility.” Well, just the fact that you’ve been through the damn thing and come out on the other side is humility.

Celebrating your breakthrough hardwires your happiness, helps you develop a growth mindset, and builds self-efficacy. It pinpoints the feeling at the moment when you beat the odds and overcome adversity.

Hence, when you face another challenge or difficulty, or you need to get back up after a failure, your brain remembers the time you were down and out but you bounced back harder.

Accordingly, here are 5 ways to hold your head up and celebrate your breakthroughs:

1. Share Your Story

An impactful way to celebrate your breakthrough is to share your story with people who will celebrate your victories and honor your strength and resilience.

Furthermore, it is great to share your story because you don’t know who will find your story encouraging and motivating.

2️. Connect With Others Who Have Had a Breakthrough

Take time to connect with friends, family, and colleagues who will remind you of how far you have come.

Whether they cheer you on, provide mentorship, or share their stories with you, it is crucial to have people around who can help remind you of your strength and resilience.

You want people around you who understand what you have been through and how your breakthrough has affected your life.

3️. Treat Yourself to Refill Your Cup

In the past, before I’d have a chance to catch my breath, I’d run to face the next challenge in life.

After a panic attack and re-evaluating my priorities, I discovered it’s okay to celebrate a breakthrough or progress by stopping to refill my cup.

Yes, I am referring to Radical Self-Care. Radical Self-Care focuses on three specific tenets. Those tenets include:

  • connecting to well-being in mind, body, and spirit,
  • creating a practice of reflection,
  • and affirming your self-worth above all others.

4️. Document Your Success As You Celebrate Your Breakthrough

Write about your breakthrough in your journal. You will find that you can transform your mindset from victim to victor when reflecting on your journey and all your accomplishments.

Document to remember.

Again, it is not egotistical to do so. It is empowering to celebrate your tenacity, awareness, and dedication to face challenges and not give up.

5️. Align Your Success with the Victories of other high achievers.

Do you know anyone else who has made a comeback, beat the odds, lived the impossible dream or had a breakthrough that should have broken them? Then align yourself with these high achievers.

For example,

I love these particular stories because each proves that you can break through any barrier and overcome adversity with focus, dedication, and resilience.

Furthermore, when you align yourself with others who have had breakthroughs, you can draw inspiration, motivation, and ideas from their victories.

Recognize Your Personal Growth Metrics For Future Breakthroughs

Celebrating your victories is a powerful way to recognize your strengths and build self-efficacy. Still, you must know when you are truly progressing and beating the odds. It’s hard to celebrate a win if you don’t recognize it.

To this effect, here are 5 Personal Growth Metrics to help you recognize your progress:

1️. Increased Self-Confidence

One of the best ways to measure your personal growth is to track your increased self-confidence. This can be measured by detecting if there are improvements in your attitude and outlook towards yourself and your capabilities.

You should be able to see a positive shift in how you view yourself and your ability to take on new challenges.

2️. Improved Relationships

When you have a breakthrough, it can have a positive effect on your relationships. Notice whether you can build stronger and more meaningful relationships with the people around you. If these relationships are flourishing, it could signify that you are on the right track.

3️. Goal Achievement

Taking on new goals and achieving them is a surefire way to measure your personal growth. Make sure to take the time to evaluate your goals and track your progress toward them. This will help you to recognize the breakthroughs you have had and how far you have come.

4️. Increased Quality of Life

Your personal growth should lead to an increase in your overall quality of life. Pay attention to whether you can find more enjoyment and satisfaction in your everyday activities. As you feel happier and more content with your life, it is a sign of personal growth.

5️. Positive Mental Health

Finally, keeping track of your mental health is one of the best ways to measure your personal growth. Be aware of your stress levels, self-talk, and overall outlook on life. If you are feeling more optimistic, it could be a sign that you are thriving instead of just striving.

Certainly, you can’t deny that these milestones are worth celebrating.

Celebrating your breakthroughs and victories is a part of building self-efficacy, developing a growth mindset, and enhancing overall well-being. We celebrate our wins for Hardwiring Happiness.

Once more, let your triumphant story remind you that no matter how difficult the journey, you can turn your breakdown into a breakthrough.