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Color Your World As You Create Your Reality

Create Your Reality in Full Color
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You can color your world and create your reality while living an inspired life from your perspective. Here at Blue Lotus Living, you have or will hear us say, “The same creativity you use to create art, craft, invent, or solve a problem is the same creativity you use to create the life you want to live. The energy comes from the same place. It may vary in potency, but it’s the same energy.

Ultimately, the key is recognizing and channeling your creative power, whether you’re holding a paintbrush or making life choices. It’s all about harnessing that creative and manifesting power to actualize the reality and world you desire.

Creativity and Manifesting Power: A Vibrant Palette of Colors

Think of creativity as this vibrant palette of colors. When you engage your creative mind, you’re essentially picking and blending these colors to paint the canvas of your life. Now, add manifesting power to the mix—it’s like the magic brush that brings your creative visions to life.

So, let’s say you’re envisioning a career change. Your creativity helps you imagine the possibilities, design your path, and problem-solve along the way. As you tap into your manifesting power, you’re putting that plan into action. It’s the dynamic duo of creativity and manifesting power working hand in hand to shape and color your world.

It’s not wishful thinking; instead, it’s actively using your imagination and creative power to ideate and then using your manifesting power to see those ideas formed in your reality. We are referring to a being and becoming process, being both the artist and the art, creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique vision and aspirations. It’s a personalized blend of imagination and inspired action, and that’s how you color your world with the hues of your own creation.

Indeed, I know that’s a lot to say, but creating the life you want to live is sometimes — that simple and yes, complex. And in the game of life, those complexities come into play when you spend too much energy desperately trying to regain your perspective. Without our own unique perspective in life, it is very difficult to “see those ideas formed in your reality.”

Losing Sight of Your Perspective

Yet, how did you lose sight of your perspective? You lose sight of it once you give your power to others. Accordingly, this is the reason I don’t like the word “self-improvement.” I use a hashtag on a few social media platforms, but I prefer the word self-empowerment and the phrase Soul Evolution.

Self-empowerment is focused on empowering or in many instances re-empowering the self. When you practice self-empowerment you use your energy and power to live from your perspective instead of someone else’s. Soul evolution is why we are here, learning to evolve in our creatorship.

You are here learning to navigate life in all of its twists and turns. However, you will struggle and fumble and fall if you choose to follow everyone else’s directives.

Blend and Mix as You Create Your Reality

Often we lose our way because we listen to everyone else. Everyone over here says it must be red. Everyone over there says it must be blue. Well, purple is a beautiful color.

There are many shades of purple you can enjoy. The idea here is, that you can blend and match as you create your reality. Purple doesn’t have to be sad. Purple can be regal. And oh, purple can be intriguing and magical.

While living from the Soul and developing through our involution and evolution process, we learn how to mix and blend things from a higher level of existence. We are happy knowing our bliss doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. Our beautiful place doesn’t have to look like our brother’s or sister’s or the dude down the road with the three pit bulls in his yard.

From your Soul’s perspective, you are in tune with Higher Consciousness, Well-being, and Divine Mind as you create. The more you live from your soul, the more you evolve and consciously create your reality.

You can choose the most outrageous experiences to explore. Your world becomes more vivid—vivacious as we stretch the imagination (the realm of images).

A Play with Light To Create Your Reality

You can choose multiple experiences. You can go on a year-long cruise while writing a novel. To the same degree, you can marry a handsome guy with lips to die for.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.”

— Shakespeare

Subsequently, you can move to Tanzania and change your boring name to an exotic name. You can become a runway model at age 55. Just as you can live a healthy lifestyle and explore one passion after another for as long as you desire.

You can also listen to those who say you are stuck. Sadly, you can listen to those who say dreams don’t come true. And if you want, you can wallow in angst. You can live in contempt of life and others who are happy.

We all can change. We can blend. And certainly, we can play. Life was never meant to be boring and mundane. Life was never meant to be this one stream of birth, misery, and then we die. Once we break the chains that attach us to our trauma and pain story, we can rise above, transcend victimhood, bounce back from tragedy, and become creators of our journey in life.

Create Your Reality and Live Life from a Higher Place

From this level, you see and feel all sorts of wonderful and amazing possibilities. Once you see these possibilities, they become probabilities. If you remain focused on them (even if you want to blend five or ten experiences) as you have imagined them, and only as you have imagined them, then these probabilities are actualized in your reality as things, events, and experiences.

Hence, playing and blending and exploring is your right as a Soul. You can even color outside the lines if you prefer. And friends, it’s all about your preference — your preference from your perspective. What gives you joy and peace will always be from your perspective. And you gain perspective in the eternal now or present moment.

You do not have a “one way” to live. You don’t have one stream of life.

Friends, you don’t have one reality to choose from.

We have many.

And you can blend and merge as you choose. The only limit to the colors you can create is the limit you believe. If you believe it can only be the color red, you will expect red, and it will be red. If you believe it can only be blue, you will expect blue, and it will be blue.

Perhaps, you are wondering, if purple is my favorite color. I happen to love purple. Again, purple is a beautiful color.

My favorite color is crimson red, but then, that’s my preference.