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Intentions – You Are Responsible For Your Intentions When Manifesting Your Dreams

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What do we mean when we say, “You’re responsible for your intentions?”

You’ve heard this question if you are on any self-awareness, personal development, or personal growth journey. Some may phrase it differently, but the context is the same.

What Are Intentions?

From a view of personal development, intentions are both long-term and short-term plans. A long-term intention may be a year or a lifetime, while a short-term intention may be a few hours or a day.

Furthermore, intentions may be emotional, according to Sara Weand, L.P.C., licensed dialectical behavior therapy therapist and counselor who emphasizes,

“Intentions involve the emotions you hope and intend to feel about a particular thing or situation in the future. When you set an intention, it provides accountability and allows you to take control of your personal choices and life. It’s about being proactive in your own life, by purposely choosing how you want to live it.”

When we set intentions, we are deliberate about what we create. And with wisdom and understanding, we know we must be clear about what we want and what our intentions emit into our world, our life.

Hence, owning this responsibility is an element of personal power and a confirmation that we are living on purpose (I know what I said).

Yes, we are living on purpose. Our purpose is to live. And yet, when we are deliberate about what we create in the “now” — our present moment, we live on purpose.

Intentions are also in the attitude.

I’ve had those times when I was going through the motions. I wasn’t clear about what I wanted, but I was still emitting a vibration. I emitted a vibration that told life, “I’m letting fear and complacency get the best of me and well, whatever happens, happens.”

My world reflected my attitude. Nothing was good enough. I wasn’t good enough, and that pattern continued to repeat. I had jobs where my supervisors and executives wanted more, no matter how hard I worked. I was in relationships that took a toll on my trust because I needed to do more to make “him” happy.

Clarity is a Motivator When Setting Your Intentions

It wasn’t until I understood what I wanted and set those intentions that the fog cleared. Do I still fall into a slump from time to time? Of course, I’m not perfect (feels good to say that).

But clarity is a motivator. Knowing what you want motivates you to live more intentionally. As such, you are tuning in to who you are, and unapologetically showing up for yourself sets you on a path to manifest your dreams and create the life you want to live.

Why Are We Responsible for Our Intentions?

Sometimes people see these life and self-empowerment practices as airy-fairy. “Aw, that’s so cute you’ve set an intention for the day.” The truth is, everyone sets an intention; it’s just that not everyone is deliberate about it.

I had intentions during those years that I awakened each day doing the same damn thing over and over again. I emitted them all day even if I never said one aloud or wrote it down.

Many days my intentions were, “I can’t wait until this day is over.” Confused, I would wonder why the days, weeks, and months were flying by. They were passing by because that’s what I told life I wanted. So when I lived the same friggin’ year two years in a row, I thought I was losing my mind.

No, you don’t have Deja Vu for two years.

If Your Life Feels Off Course, Take Responsibility, and Take a look at your intentions

For two years, my life took turns and twists I didn’t understand. My days ran into each other, and I’d forget what day of the week it was.

Without being intentional, we are missing out on being the authors of our stories. If we want to put life back into our living, we must take responsibility for our “true” intentions.

We are not responsible for the intentions of others, only our own. If you intend to take someone else’s kindness for weakness, that person is not responsible for your ill intent.

And what is taking responsibility? Taking responsibility for your intentions is knowing your “why.” If you are “good” with your why and can own it, that’s personal power. Suppose you’re lying to yourself about your “why.” It will show up in your manifestations.

“Oh, Hell No, This Isn’t What I Wanted.”

Yes, those intentions we aren’t conscious and deliberate about will disrupt and corrupt your manifestation process. We can often hold a different intention in our hearts than the intention we speak.

We vacillate between what we want and what we should want and end up with what we used to call “Mess Gumbo” in Louisiana. Mess Gumbo is a pot of all the ingredients that make gumbo, but too much of something is in the pot fouling up the flavor. And well, nobody wants that mess.

Consequently, if you know what you are putting in your life, you won’t be surprised by what you receive.