Rise on Purpose

A Podcast Produced by Blue Lotus Living, LLC

Are you ready to live on purpose?  Are you ready to discover the power of your creativity and how you can use your creative power to create the life you want to live? Perhaps you want to know how you can expand your creative bandwidth?

If your answers are yes, yes, and yes, then you are going to love the new podcast produced by Blue Lotus Living, LLC and hosted by Carmellita.   The podcast is set to be launched very soon (lol), will explore how to stimulate the imagination, inspiration, the future of creativity, the correlation between the artist who creates art and the artist who creates his or her world.   Be sure to tune in.


For the Community, For the Culture

Blue Lotus Living has created community empowerment tools designed to stimulate the imagination as we create the life we want to live, express who we are, use our gifts and talents, and manifest our dreams.  Accordingly, we have developed:

  • Courses on creativity enhancement, productivity enhancement, growth mindset, abundance training, journaling, stream of consciousness writing to trigger the flow state, goal achievement, and Creative Life Design.  All courses are designed to open avenues for expanding creative bandwidth.
  • Short Read Ebooks:  Blue Lotus Living Presents…Short Read ebooks are ebooks you can read on the e-reader of your choice (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBook…) in one sitting.  Ranging from 14,000 to 16,000 words (about 50 pages in print), you can read our Short Reads in about an hour and have an enriching discussion or conversation with your friends.  Our short reads are science fiction, speculative fiction, and Black “Afro” Futuristic novellas and short stories as well as non-fiction works and essays on topics including creativity, productivity, creative activism, and lifestyle.
  • A Shop on Purpose:  Our online shop, “Purple and Purpose” has printable productivity tools, merch with a purpose for authentic self-expression such as t-shirts, mugs, pillow.., and life enrichment tools to help you stay on purpose as you accomplish your goals.
  • We are also developing a podcast to add to conversations about the New Creative Renaissance that’s emerging now.

Courses:  Expand Your Creative Bandwidth

Short Read Ebooks:  Read in an hour and Discuss with friends

Shop on Purpose: Express your Authentic Self!